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Dangle Chain Fan Earrings - Silver

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These Earrings are approx 1.75" long (with earwire) by 1" wide. They have a 3mm bead of your choice.

*Qualifies for FREE Letterpost Shipping (in Canada).


This Jewelry is handmade and done in the art of wire wrapping. This means that each item is formed with various thicknesses of wire! The wire is bent, twisted, shaped, weaved, wrapped and otherwise manipulated to get it into the designs you see. This can be a time consuming process and some of the more intricate pieces can take a day or more to complete. Please keep this in mind when looking at the price.

Because each item is custom made to your specifications there will be a delay between when you order it and when it gets shipped. In most cases though, it is only a delay of 2-3 days. If I think it may be longer than 5 days I will contact you to let you know. Also, as this is a handmade Item there might be slight differences in the item you receive.

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Dangle Chain Fan Earrings - Silver

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